Lunettes 1.0 Beta (3.0)

The future of VLC Media Player


  • Plays a huge range of formats
  • Video and audio codecs integrated
  • Full screen mode allows access to playlists
  • Integration with the IMDB


  • Prone to bugs as still under development
  • Limited plugins available

Very good

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players around due to its wide support of virtually all video formats. However, it's never been a particularly good looking player on Macs.

That's what Lunettes aims to change. Lunettes is the code name for the new interface of VLC Media Player and aims to attract more design innovation to VLC. However, Lunettes not only retains all the advantages of VLC Media Player such as support for multichannel audio, subtitles, codecs, full-screen mode, streaming support etc but also adds the possibility to use plugins, skins and much more.

For example Lunettes includes three default plugins to find information about a movie on the IMDB, add a song to your profile and find subtitles online. There are other little improvements that make using VLC more of a pleasure too. If you're watching a video and then close Lunettes, it will pick-up from exactly where you left off before. In addition, if you're on a local network that streams TV content, Lunettes will automatically show what channels are available to you. Also, even in full screen now, you can scroll through playlists and Lunettes finally means VLC Media Player supports 64-bit.

Lunettes offers an exciting look at the future of VLC Media Player and adds lots of new features that make using it even more of a pleasure.



Lunettes 1.0 Beta (3.0)

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